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Submarine War Reports

   The following link will take you to an on-line site that will allow you to view, but not save, the USS Spearfish’s War Reports, including the account of Capt. Sackett’s removal:

USS Spearfish (SS 190) War Patrol Reports

   If you are interested in purchasing your own copy of the Spearfish’s complete War Report (or any WWII Submarine’s War Report), please contact John Clear at USS


   Submarine Memorabilia, Inc., has transformed a warehouse full of microfiche film into PDF files.  You may purchase the complete War Report for ANY WWII Submarine, or you can get the entire collection of ALL WWII War Reports.

   Please note that my site is a non-commercial site, and it costs me money to maintain it.  I have no paid advertisers.  I purchased my own copy of the USS Spearfish War Reports, and I think it was well worth it.  Chief Clear has put a lot of time effort into making these War Reports available, and I can recommend them to anyone interested in Submarine history.


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