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USS Canopus (AS-9)

Tender Tales - USS Canopus (AS-9)


NavSource Online

DANFS Online

Arlington National Cemetery
Earl LeRoy Sackett, Rear Admiral, USN

Ship’s History by Robert Loys Sminkey

Submarines to Corregidor by Edward C. Whitman

China Patrol by Edward C. Whitman

The Hard Way Home by Frank Hoeffer

VADM Kenneth R. Wheeler, SC, USN (Ret.)
By RADM Frank J. Allston

Oral Histories - U.S. Navy Nurse in the Pacific Theater during World War II
CAPT Ann Bernatitus, NC, USN

“The Ship the Enemy Could Not Sink”
and the story of Cox’n Paul Edward Perry
by Everett M. Perry

USS Spearfish (SS 190) War Patrol Reports

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