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Captain Sackett's  History
USS Canopus (AS-9)


12 May 1943

Captain E.L. Sackett, U.S. Navy, commanding officer of the U.S.S. CANOPUS as the time of the capitulation of Manila, Philippine Islands, has written an account of the exploits of that ship. Believing that the relatives of officers and men of the CANOPUS would like to have this account, Captain Sackett has requested that it be reproduced and sent to the families of his shipmates. Accordingly, I am enclosing a copy of this account for you.

I know you will find strength and pride in the knowledge that the gallant fight waged by the officers and men of the CANOPUS against great odds was in keeping with the finest traditions of the Navy.

I regret that I have no further information about individual members of the crew. Please be assured, however, that any news received by the Department relative to them will be promptly sent to you.

                Very truly yours,

                C.C. Baughman,
                Captain, U.S. Navy

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